Muddy Feet Stopped Here

		Muddy feet stopped here 
		sharp stinking swampy place 
		Three scrawny explorers down by the stump 
		where the sewage pipe drained
		We pushed Mark and 
		he fell puked puked gasped 
		puked shook shouted ran
		Hand over nose         Brian named the swamp
				   Brothers Bog
				   Lake Latrine
				   Field of Squeams
		Up the hill        dry grass      Brian slept
		I named the swamp 
				  slime slough squito hum 
				  piss marsh crusted gilled 
				  gray mushrooms breathing stink 
				  soft stick smack mud bare 
				  in gray green grove
		Today I mapped these pines 
		for cutting. I do not know 
		what to call this swampy bit. 
		The boys have gone.

[Nialle Woods]