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Without Ever Knowing the Way: A Collection of Maps

Table of Contents
Will Smith '01: Preface
A map is ... Where We've Been
Heidi Feller '02: 'The Chicken and the Cricket'
Rachel Telfer '02: 'Road Trip!'
Jana Haritatos '99: 'Glare from sun on high...'
Sarah Laaker '99: 'I Traveled East Forever'
People We Love
Shara Stough '02: Nothing She Could Do
Heather Libby: 'When I ask Him'
Michael Christofield '02: Strangers Forever
Erin Rebant: Map
Christa Dickson '01: Alteration
 Elizabeth Hendrix: 'I Often Ponder the Art'
 Jamie Toalston '02: 'I See My Life as a Road Map'
 Lenora Adams '01: 'Tour the Plan'
 Julia Saari: 'Two Realities'
 Mercy Greenwald '02: 'He and I'
 Derick Taube: 'A Point'
Growing Up
Amy Burgin '01: Map of Life
Calley Santy '01: "X" Marks the Spot
Laura Farmer '02: Buried Treasure
Push Pins
Ericka Otterson '00: Push Pins
Miriam Browning-Nance '00: Pinned
Kate Callahan '01: 'On our Backs'
What We Make of It
Krista Geier '01: Taliesin
Sarah K. Dunn '02: 'Map of the Heart'
Nialle Woods '99: 'Muddy Feet Stopped Here'