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Articles by CWC Consultants

Fiksing hte G/j anomali and Other Spelling Issues
Comments from Coe students and faculty on faculty options for handling spelling errors in student papers.

When the Words Seem to Be Inevitable
An article, published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, about the importance of writing assignments.

"Off the Wall": Writing for my Peers by Emily Vrabac '96
An essay by a CWC consultant comparing writing for fellow students to writing for the classroom.

The Visibility of Prose by Tom Messer '94
An essay about the process of writing and its relation to reading.

A Knot of Questions: An Exercise in Training Tutors by Lisa Spellman-Trimble '88
An essay discussing a CWC study of commonly asked questions in conferences.

Conquering Insecurities: A Writing Center Case Study by Susan Brasser '92
A case study of a consultant's work with a writer uncomfortable with her writing.

The Easy Conferences are the Toughest: A Reconsideration of Christina Murphy's 'Freud in the Writing Center' by Kristie Speirs '98
An exploration of consulting tactics for consultants faced with deeply personal essays based upon the consultant's experience.

Incestuous Conferencing: A Lesson in Lateral Thinking
General Public: See how we feel when we bring our papers in and get into the Writing Center mentality. Consultants: Learn about the dangers and advantages of conferencing with each other and how to improve your "incestuous" conferences.

Aaaaaughh!!! by Crista Zeisset '92
Although many conferences go well here, conferencing can be frustrating on both sides of the table at times.

Pre and Post-draft Conferencing by Anna Wagner '01
What it can feel like to get a conference before and after you've written a paper.

Biology, Chemistry, and Writing Center Alchemy
Tips from consultants on how to give a successful conference on a scientific subject based on a study. Also stresses the benefits of bringing in scientific papers.

Consulting With a Friend by Allen Kassebaum '93
The advantages of dorm conferences with friends.

A Database Invades the Writing Center by Lyn Brodersen '91, Karen Kassebaum, and Dianne Pregler
Written shortly after the database was created, this report explains our record keeping tactics and examines data contained in those documents.

Database in the CWC by Julie Kloss '94
A follow-up to the previous document, this research project identifies other trends in conferencing five years after the database was created.

I Know It All...Don't I? by Tricia Johnson '93
A first-year student overcomes her misconceptions about her job in the Writing Center.

Must We Always Grin and Bear It? by Wangeci Karuri '95
Tips from research on how to handle conferences with writers who have different views on controversial issues.

Conversing with the International Students by Lisa Exey '92
Conversing with international students can be frustrating when expected to be merely a proofreader. Here are things to keep in mind during these unique conferences.

What's in a Name? by Karen Sue Kennedy
A discussion of what we consultants are, and more importantly, what we are not.
A study of nursing class's reaction to the Writing Center.

Professional Intimacy by Gail Brendel '93
The benefit of a friendly yet strictly professional relationship with writers.

My First Year by Anne Reilly '95
The most valuable lessons of conferencing can be gained in the first year of consulting.

The Writing Center: Friend or Foe? by Nancy Klostermann
Fears of a first-year consultant.