St. Peter and Paul Church Retreat

On the Sunday afternoon of September 5, 2010, a group of Coe College Writing Center staff members
approached the St. Peter and St. Paul’s Cemetery in Solon, Iowa with an unusual task in mind. They were
not there to adorn tombstones or to mourn a loved one; these students had come to write about their
experiences and reflections within the cemetery. St. Peter and St. Paul’s cemetery was to serve as their
muse, inspiring their writing. The only instruction was to find a tombstone or source of inspiration within
the cemetery and to write about it. The following 40 texts are the product of this assignment.
The Events that Take Place

Mildred Osburn, Emily Moss, Katie Weingardt, Caroline Burris, Courtney Worthington, Karin Carter, Holly Bouma-Johnston, Kyle Herink, John Thornburg, Clarissa Thoams, Alison Polivika, Jon Ameling, Katie Selinger, Krista Majcen, Kaylyn Evans, Hailley Fargo, Stephanie Sowinski, Anna Barton, Amber Caylor, Emily Hipps, Kaitlin Aman, Ariana Uding, Levi Kellogg, Courtney Marti, Ashley Collom, Deborah Watson, Justina Cline, Beth Wallace, Katie Sherman, Heidi Heaton, Kevin Schiroo, Emily Webber, and Erynn Norris. 
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