Schedule & Appointments

You don't need to make an appointment to use Writing Center services, but if you'd like to reserve a time slot in advance—or with a particular consultant—please follow the instructions below. 

1. Visit our online schedule at
2. If you haven't already, register for an account using your Coe e-mail address.
3. After you've created an account, log in with your Coe e-mail and the password you selected. (If you recently visited the Writing Center and a consultant registered you for an account, your password is writingcenter. You may change this at any time.)
4. Use the "CURRENT WEEK" and "NEXT WEEK" links at the top of the screen to scroll to the week you'd like to come to the Writing Center. If you're looking for a consultant with expertise in a specific discipline, select that discipline from the "Limit to" menu at the top of the schedule. Then, scroll down the page to view our schedule for each day. Hours are listed across the top of the screen. White boxes indicate open appointments. Click any white box that matches your desired day and time. 
5. An appointment form will open in a new window. Complete the form and click "Save Appointment." The box will turn blue on the schedule, indicating that an appointment has been scheduled for that time. You will receive an e-mail confirming the appointment time. If you need to cancel an appointment, you can do so from your account at

Please remember to bring your assignment sheet (if you have one) to the conferencing session. 

Need help with WCONLINE? E-mail or call us!