For the past twelve years Coe College has offered an intensive writing workshop, now taught during the college’s May Term, that enables students to travel off-campus and capture their travel experiences in a variety of genres.  In previous years, the course has involved trips to Tybee Island (a barrier island off the coast of Georgia), the Lake District in Cumbria, and Inner Mongolia in northern China.  The 2010 class was based on a 25-day trip (from May 11 to June 5) to the North Island of New Zealand, including two weeks living in the Wairarapa region in the island’s southeast corner.  While learning about the terrain, the history, the culture, and the people of New Zealand, students were using those experiences to produce a unique anthology of travel literature. This web site provides a photographic record of their trip and excerpts from their essays, fiction, poetry, and personal journals. 

For additional information about the Writers Colony course and the New Zealand trip, please contact the course instructor, Prof. Bob Marrs, the Armstrong Professor of Rhetoric at Coe College (