Secondary Education

Five of the required courses (indicated in italics below) can be taken before admission to the Education Program. You must take at least two of these courses prior to being admitted into the program.

In order to be admitted, you must 1) attain a passing score on the CBASE basic skills test;  2) have a 2.7 overall grade point average;  3) have a 2.7 grade point average in your education courses (at least two education courses are required prior to being admitted into the program); 4) have a 2.7 grade point average in your major;  4) submit a completed application to the Education Program; and 5) meet the department's expectations on teaching-related dispositions.  Also, Secondary Practicum must be taken prior to all Methods courses. The amount of time required to obtain secondary licensure will depend on the endorsement subject area. 

Secondary or K-12 core courses:

Education Foundations (offered fall and spring terms)

Human Relations (offered fall and spring terms)

Exceptional Learners (offered fall and spring terms)

Educational Psychology (offered fall and spring terms)

Literature K-12 (offered fall terms--only required for Language Arts endorsement; recommended for all)

Secondary courses after admission into the program:

Secondary Practicum (offered fall and spring terms)

Secondary Methods (offered on the following schedule):

Social Studies--every fall
Science--fall of odd numbered years
Language Arts/English--fall of even numbered years
Business--spring of even numbered years
Foreign Language--fall of even numbered years
Mathematics--spring of even numbered years
Art--fall of odd numbered years
More information on majors and endorsements can be found on the ENDORSEMENTS--Secondary Education page.

State Distribution Requirement

The state of Iowa requires that all Iowa teachers have coursework at the college level in mathematics, English composition, natural sciences, the Humanities, and the social sciences. See a member of the Education Department during your sophomore year to determine whether you are on track to meet these requirements.

Major Requirements:

Several of the state requirements for licensure in a particular area (e.g., Language Arts, Business) do not align perfectly with Coe's requirements for the major.  If you think you would like to become licensed to teach at the secondary level, please check on the state requirements with a member of the Education department before the end of your sophomore year.