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Along with teaching at a college, it was always one of my dreams to research and write stories for magazines and newspapers; I'm living that dream now.  I am a freelance stringer for The Gazette and City Revealed Magazine, and write  local features stories for those publications. 

My work as a freelancer has informed my teaching.  I am now more aware of what students need to learn to communicate effectively in their writing for publications, and I've found opportunities for my students to work with editors and get their stories published.

To read some of my writing, visit my journalism site, which compiles all the stories I wrote during one semester, or check out my professional website.

I have also enjoyed blogging. Tae Kwon Do Mom chronicled my development as a martial artist from white belt to black belt.  In Reading the Titanic I observed the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic by writing every day for a month about various aspects of the Titanic disaster.

A number of years ago, I wrote a series of columns about parenting.  Those short essays are available at the link below.