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Past Events

Speaker: C. Michael Knudson, MD, Ph.D.
10/11/2011 6-8PM SH 405
       Dr. Knudson was head of the MSTP (Medical Scientist Training Program) at the University of Iowa for the past few years. He will be here to talk about his personal path to medicine and to answer questions about the MD, MD/PhD, and PhD programs in the Biomedical sciences.  
Kirkwood Trip
    Cadaver lab and Simulators
Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Anderson 
    Dr. Rebecca Anderson will be chatting with students from PHC and Chemistry. Dr. Anderson is a Coe alum who did her graduate work in Pharmacology at Georgetown University. She will share stories from her time in clinical research as well as thoughts on her new book.
Playground of Science
Des Moines University of Iowa Representative on Campus
    Informal chat with DMU representative in the Chemistry Library
Jordan Graen presents on Columbia SMDEP program
-Great oppurtunity and resume builder.  Lots of fun. Program for Med. and Dental Students
-6 week program; open to college freshman and sophomores
-12 sites available; can apply to a max. of 3
-No application cost
-Offer classes in physics, histology, chemistry (Organic and Principles), Biology, and Anatomy
- visit SMDEP.org for more information
Speaker: MD Keith Kopec
10/4 7PM Kesler/2010