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Coe's Pre-Med Courses

Required for the MCAT
    -BIO 145/140: Cell and Molecular Biology/Introductory Biology Lab
    -BIO 155/150: Organismal and Ecological Biology/ O&E Lab
    -CHM 155L: Principles of Chemical Structure and Lab
    -CHM 165L: Principles of Chemical Reactivity and Lab
    -CHM 185: Organic Chemistry I
    -CHM 225: Organic Chemistry 2
    -CHM 235: Organic Chemistry Lab
    -BIO 235/230: Genetics/Genetics Lab
    -BIO 255/250: Experimental Human Physiology/EHP Lab
       * Note: non-science majors may take BIO 225/220: Human Physiology, with the understanding that it is less rigorous and may lead to weaker MCAT prep.
    -PHY 115: Basic Physics I and Lab
    -PHY 215: General Physics I and Lab
    -PHY 135: Basic Physics II and Lab
    -PHY 225: General Physics II and Lab
           *Calculus-based physics is NOT required for the MCAT, but calculus may be required by various medical schools. Check their websites for full requirements.
Required by some Medical Schools
    -English courses (generally 6 semester hours, though this varies): some medical schools waive this requirement in favor of Coe's Writing Emphasis program. 
    Be certain to check with schools in which you're interested