Welcome to Coe College's Pre-Health Club (PHC)!   


MONDAY, JANUARY 24th at 5:30 PM:
                   Goodies and soda provided. Come with your questions; a Coe alum (now U of Iowa medical student) will be here, along with Keenan and Maria, to answer questions about the process of applying to and getting accepted to medical school. Topics include
  •             The application process (AMCAS): selecting schools, navigating the process
  •             Writing your personal statement/essays
  •             Interviewing
  •             The application timeline (what should you be doing/thinking about RIGHT NOW?)


TUESDAY, JANUARY 25th at 5:30 PM
                    We'll plan to leave Coe around 5:30 (back by 9 PM) to head to the Hotel at Kirkwood Center near Kirkwood Community College here in Cedar Rapids. For more information, contact Keenan (kplarawa@coe.edu) or visit www.medicine.uiowa.edu/minimedicalschool. If you'd like to go, be certain to register (at that website or by calling 1-877-MED-IOWA) AND let Keenan know so that carpools could be arranged. If you can drive, let us know how many people your vehicle holds. Also, the registration deadline is 1/20/11

 Upcoming Events


Doctor Dinner
    This event will be held in the Alumni House. Several physicians from various specialties will be invited.  Dinner will be catered by Sodexo. Students will be free to sit with any physician from whichever specialties they like. It's meant to be a very enjoyable, informal evening that will connect students to our physicians' community here in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area. Sign-up will be early in the term, and we're limited in how many students we can have.

2nd Floor Bulletin Board
    Wanted: Creative Individuals interested in organizing and decorating a club Bulletin Board! 
We want to get a club board up that emphasizes our activities and plans so that prospective students interested in healthcare professions will see what we offer in the way of student-led pre-health opportunities.
    Contact: Keenan Laraway kplarawa@coe.edu
    or Jenna Bretscher jmbretscher@coe.edu

2 Speakers
    These slots are reserved for physicians/practitioners in major areas of practice. The idea, here, is that we'll provide dinner (as before, spaghetti, etc...) and invite a speaker to chat with students about his/her profession, path to medicine, etc... Very specialized speakers (dentists, podiatrists, etc...) are not likely to be invited because of fear of particularly low attendance. For MaryAnne Nelson's talk, we had at least 15 present, and that's a good number (bigger, however, would be better). Current plans are to invite Dr. Keith Kopec and Dr. Johanna Abernathy or Dr. Sharon Collins.

Lunch Series
    This isn't necessarily about lunch; it's an opportunity to invite speakers from specialized areas of care to speak with students. Would like to see PTs, PAs, dentists, etc... invited to come to campus to have informal discussions with our students. If anyone has a practitioner in mind, let me know, and I'll see if we can find some time and money to get him/her scheduled. Let's plan to have 2 or 3 events like this during the term.
     There has been mention of a potential "Health Issues" seminar from the lunch series budget. We'll plan on finding a speaker who will address a contemporary health issue. One option is to invite Lisa Hazelton, MD, to discuss the diabetes/obesity epidemic in our country.  Other ideas?
    Contact: Keenan Laraway kplarawa@coe.edu

Final Meeting/Senior Send Off
    Say good-bye to the seniors, find out what their plans are, and wrap up the semester. We'll have a dessert party of some kind.
 PHC Board Elections
    We'll hold elections at a point in the term where the new leadership team can discuss ideas and make plans in advance of B&F day.
Next fall...
    It looks like there's interest in devising a "Health Professions Panel" (MD, DO, PA, PT, etc...) where the professionals would detail their work inside the clinic/hospital/office.  Expect further discussion after elections are held for next year's PHC executive board.
Recent News 

New Pre-med. Materials added to Chemistry Library!
    A copy of the MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements): This book details grades and MCAT scores for every MD school in the US, as well as some Caribbean and Canadian medical schools. Also included are lists of required courses and information furnished by each school. This is a go-to guide!
    A copy of "MCAT Premier" by Kaplan: This is your MCAT prep "field guide." It serves as a comprehensive review of all topics that the MCAT may cover and also provides myriads of test-taking tips. Please consult this reference frequently when preparing for the MCAT. There is also an online component
    2 copies of MCAT test questions: These books are loaded with prep questions. Use them to see how you're doing. Each book contains 2 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations for each question.
    2 copies of "Med School Confidential": This book details medical school from the inside. Medical students and physicians write about their own journeys through pre-med work and medical school.
Requirements for these materials:
    They should NEVER (ever) leave the Chemistry Library. Because they're valuable, you might be tempted to take them back to your room and hoard them for months. Don't.
    They should NEVER (ever) be written in. The test banks are for everyone. If you circle answers, cross answers out, etc..., you'll ruin the book for everyone who comes after you. Use scratch paper, and check your answers that way.
The MCAT Premier has an online component:
          Here's how to use the online component of MCAT premier
Go to http://www.kaptest.com
Click the button that says "sign in" at the top right
Username: premed@coe.edu
Password: dockohawk
Don't change any settings (like password or username). That wouldn't be cool.