cult source code

cult is an open source project and it is completely based on ubuntu components and customized scripts.
This decision was taken to ease the addition of software components and kernel modules. The rule of thumb is: "if works in ubuntu should work on cult".
However to keep cult image size to its minimum only needed components are extracted from packages and included in the image.
Selected versions are always Long Term Support to warranty the needed support for cult.
There is a corresponding ubuntu version with every cult version as indicated in the table below.

 cult version
 ubuntu version
 cult 3.1
 ubuntu 8.04 LTS
 cult 4.0
 ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Every cult component can be tracked down to its package using the corresponding ubuntu distribution using, for example

 $ dpkg --search /lib/

once the package name is obtained the source for this package can be obtained, if necessary, using

 $ apt-get source libc6

Extra components

There are some exceptions to the rule mentioned above and these are components not available as ubuntu packages and thus the source is provided separately.


To keep the size of the cult image as small as possible messages are presented to the user using an application that use on Xlib.
This utility is heavily used by cult scripts that need to present some information to the user once graphics mode has been started.
It has also the ability to continue, halt, reboot the system pressing a key.


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