Spring 2015 Meeting Schedule: Events and Lectures

General ALL members meetings/workshops/lectures

MENH 145 Digital Lab, Valencia Campus

4th Thursday of each Month

  • February 26th: First General Meeting of Spring Semester @6pm-8pm
  • Open Board Meeting: Thursday 3/19 @3:30pm-4:15pm Mentry Hall 145 All are Welcome
  • March 26th: Tony Luna Guest Speaker: Beginning Lecture at 6:30pm
  • Open Board Meeting: Thursday 4/2 @3:30-4:15pm Mentry Hall 145 All are Welcome
  • April 23rd: TBA
  • May 28th: TBA
Past Events:
  • September 4th: "Shutter Release Party"- A welcome back to school, gathering. 
  • September 25th: Guest Speaker, Lecture- Photographer Marshall LaPlante
  • October 23rd: Parallax Meeting @6pm/ Guest Lecture @7pm- Photographer Taylor Yoelin
  • December 4th: John Schell Lecture Beginning @7pm. Food @6:30pm

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