The transmission of viruses such as cold and flu, bacteria such as strep throat, or parasites such as bed bugs or lice can happen anywhere in the public setting. In the schools we wish for parents and guardians to know that we do everything possible to keep the transmission of communicable diseases and parasites to a minimum but as in any public setting, it would be impossible to guarantee 100% that it couldn't or wouldn't happen during the school day.

Please keep your child home if they are truly unwell with a communicable illness. Please see our handout, “to School or not to School, ” found under the "Nursing Services Forms" tab at the top of this page. If your child is infected with a parasite such as scabies, lice or bed bugs, please be sure to treat them appropriately before their return to school. If you have any questions on this procedure, please contact your physician or the school nurses. In addition, please see our available handouts for further prevention and treatment recommendations.

It’s a good idea to periodically check your child(ren) for signs of any parasite infestation such as lice, or to do a thorough assessment of their illness before sending them to school. For additional direction, contact your child’s primary care provider or school nurse (see below).

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