The mission of the Cocalico School District Library Services program is to support the curriculum of the Cocalico School District and ensure that students are effective users of information and ideas.

Each library:
  • Provides access to materials in print, electronic, and multimedia formats
  • Provides instruction in the use of all materials
  • Promotes reading and literature appreciation
  • Promotes 21st Century learning and ethical use of ideas and information
At the high school and middle school levels, the librarians teach within a completely integrated approach. Students receive instruction through integrated tasks and research projects at each grade level and in each subject area providing the opportunity for introduction and reinforcement of information literacy skills.

At the elementary level, the librarians teach through both scheduled and integrated instruction. During the scheduled instruction, students receive instruction in information literacy skills, literature appreciation, and computer skills. Students also are given time to exchange books during these sessions. During the integrated instruction, students use the information literacy and computer skills to complete tasks and projects integrated with classroom learning.

The print, electronic, and multimedia collections of the Cocalico School District libraries support instruction and the curriculum, as well as students' reading interests. Materials are provided on a variety of reading levels to ensure information is accessible to all students. Each library's physical collection can be accessed through an online library catalog. The online catalog also provides links to the online database resources of each library, and links to appropriate Internet sites.