Our Mission

The mission of the Cocalico Community Partnership is to improve the health, stability, and emotional well-being of persons in the Cocalico area by helping them successfully face difficult life situations.

Started in 1992 by a group of concerned, caring citizens, the Cocalico Community Partnership was formed with a belief that there is strength in "community" and that people must work together to to achieve community success.  We are a non-profit organization reaching out to provide assistance and/or intervention for persons at risk in our community.

The Cocalico Community Partnership is supported by our community.  Contributions to further our efforts come from business and industry, churches, civic organizations, and individuals with a desire to help others.

The goals of the Cocalico Community Partnership include:
  • Intervention & Referral - From the needs shown in the assessment, the team works to bring together individuals and families facing those difficult life situations with helping persons, agencies, and organizations who are able to give understanding, counsel, and support.
  • Education & Prevention - providing information to the community that can help individuals and families improve their ability to successfully face difficult life situations.  Examples include organizing parent education programs, community health fairs, and providing general wellness education.
  • Support - provide ongoing follow-up for individuals and families.  Examples include providing support groups for parents, children, and individuals facing difficult life situations and sponsoring community mentoring programs for children, young parents, individuals, and older persons.