COAH Kickstarter Charter

Prepared for: City on a Hill Board and Partners

Prepared by: COAH Kickstarter Committee

January 17, 2016

Approved at Special Partner Meeting on March 13, 2016


COAH Kickstarter exists to enable Partners and missions of City on a Hill to accomplish acts of community service and outreach that require funding or will benefit from financial assistance. 

COAH Kickstarter recognizes that the financial surplus realized by COAH in recent years should be put to use for the work of the Kingdom.

COAH Kickstarter will allow any partner of City on a Hill to request funds to be utilized for community service or outreach projects. The goal is to enable projects that may otherwise not be feasible without funding, and to inspire Partners to think big about what they can accomplish without financial constraints.


COAH Kickstarter was authorized by vote by the Parters of City on a Hill at the November 2015 Annual Partners Meeting. This authorization is understood to extend through FY 2015-2016. Operations beyond the fiscal year will require authorization by vote of the COAH Partners in the November 2016 Annual Partners Meeting. As a condition of the authorization for FY 2015-2016, the COAH Partners requested for the COAH Kickstarter committee to draft this Charter for approval at a special meeting of the COAH Partners prior to commencing activities.


The process for requesting and disbursing funds for COAH Kickstarter is outlined below:

The annual budget and Committee Chair will be approved by the Partners of COAH at the Annual Partners Meeting. (Note, the budget and Chair for FY 2015-16 was approved at the November 2015 Annual Partners


The Committee Chair will solicit volunteers to fill the oversight Committee. The Committee shall be comprised of five to seven Partners. *(cf Current Kickstarter Charter Committee below)

The Committee will develop an application form to be used by Partners making Grant Applications. The form will allow for explanation of the following:

Description of the activity for which funds are being requested

Explanation of how the activity will benefit the Kingdom

Explanation of how the activity relates to the foundational relational habits of community service and/or public witness (outreach)

The amount of funds being requested

The means of fund disbursement (direct payment for goods or services, reimbursement to Partner, etc.)

The Committee shall request additional information as required to discern whether the requested funds are in line with the purpose and scope of COAH Kickstarter, and, most importantly, constant with the Will of God.

The Committee shall review all applications and vote whether to endorse or deny each request. Endorsement will require a majority vote by the committee members. Review and voting may be accomplished informally by email correspondence.

The Committee will report on all applications and provide a recommendation for approval or denial to the Board at regular Board meetings. The Board will vote to accept or overrule the Committee recommendations. Funds will be disbursed upon Board approval of an application.

Scope and Discernment

COAH Kickstarter funds are envisioned to be used for the purposes of community service and public witness (outreach), which are foundational “relational habits” of City on a Hill. Consistent with the relational focus of City on a Hill, it is envisioned that COAH Kickstarter funds will be applied to projects that benefit and impact the local community in which our Partners live and work.

The Charter recognizes that the scope and types of projects that may result from COAH Kickstarter are not known to us at this time, as we expect God to inspire the uses for the funds which He has provided. 

The COAH Board is entrusted with the responsibility to approve all COAH Kickstarter disbursements based on the recommendation of the COAH Kickstarter Committee, and that both the Board and Committee will prayerfully seek to discern God’s Will for the use of the funds. All applications and disbursements will be available for review by the Partners of COAH and a summary of disbursements will be included in the Quarterly and Annual fiscal reports that are provided to the Partners.

Funds from COAH Kickstarter are envisioned to be used for materials, services, facilities or other items that benefit or enable community service or outreach activities related to COAH’s ministry, with an emphasis on action involving COAH Partners. Funds are not intended to be used for the personal benefit or financial assistance of those applying for COAH Kickstarter grants, or for uses that are redundant to other designated funds, such as the COAH Love Fund, Lemonade Stand or Benevolence accounts.


The COAH Kickstarter is envisioned to put approximately 10 percent of COAH’s surplus funds to use. The specific annual budget will be proposed by the COAH Board and approved by the COAH Partners at the Annual Partner Meeting. For FY 2015-2016, the COAH Partners authorized a budget of $10,000 at the November 2015 Annual Partner Meeting.

*Current Kickstarter Fund Committee:

Mark Hershberg, Chair     Danny Barbara

Cheree Whorley               Renee Green

Randy Spilde                    Lisa Klein

To submit an idea for consideration, download the form below, fill out and return to Mark Hershberg,