The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us...

The Word of God is first of all Jesus Christ, then His way, truth and life dwelling in His friends and followers, then the Bible. To "study" the Bible is only beneficial if you are willing to put into practice the Truth you discover in its pages.

As partners of COAH, we seek to engage and live out God's Word in a variety of ways and venues. Some are listed below:

Vacation Bible School
July 23-25 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Our 3rd wonderful year of partnering with our friends at
Ascension Lutheran RPV!

Woman's Bible Study:
"The Shortest Books of the Bible"
Saturdays - 9:00am
Led by Barb & hosted at Terisa's home:

Gathering of Men
Thursdays - 6:30pm
Led by Mike & Jon
Hosted at Larry's home:

Sundays - 8:30am
Led by Jon at Anza Elementary

Our Daily Bread

When you sit down to study God’s Word every day, bring along a copy of Our Daily Bread. This trusted devotional includes a daily Scripture reading, a timely story, and meaningful life application on each page. Every three months, you will receive a new booklet with fresh content for your day. COAH has a free copy for you for the asking or simply pick one up this Sunday morning!