Podcasts and Life Science Modules about 
                             Human Health                   

Adults of A. lumbricoides.Even in solitude, we are not alone. We have bacteria on our skin and fleas in our eyebrows. But at least we can't see these organisms! Marissa will explain what it felt like to have a visible living roundworm parasite growing inside of her. 

Opportunities to learn about: Symbiosis, Nematodes, Human anatomy, and Global Health 

During September 2015, Debbie Wilson, on the bottom right, worked in an Ebola clinic in Foya, Liberia with this team of nurses.

Opportunities to learn about:
Viruses, Bias and Stigma, Health Care Practices
Photo from Debbie Wilson.

Pauline Garcia is a pet-lover and dancer who was born with Down Syndrome. Listen to how she rocks her third 21st chromosome. 

Opportunities to learn about: 
Genetics, Human anatomy, Inheritance, Reproduction, Cell Division Karyotype from University of Leicester website 

Dr. Breesy is the chief of the Influenza Division at the Center for Disease Control (CDC). During the 2014 Ebola epidemic, he stepped out of his usual role and lead the CDC response in Sierra Leone. 

Opportunities to learn about: 
Phylogeny, Evolution, Human Impact, Animal Rights 
Picturefrom CDCwebsite.

Even though pregnancies are common, womens' experiences vary. This podcast combines the voices of three mothers as well as from my friend, Lydia Hagos who translated for her aunt, Rahel.

Opportunities to learn about:
Reproduction, Cell Division, Inheritance, Human Development, Natural Selection Ultrasound image from wikipedia.


Hear Bob Chaplin talk about what it was like having the Measles as a kid in the 1940s.

Photo from Huffington Post article.