Who We Are

The manner in which 911 services are provided throughout Colorado varies. 911 call centers are largely run at the local level, and as local resources differ, so does the level of service that’s offered by local entities. For instance, while all 911 call centers in Colorado provide enhanced 911 for landlines, not all call centers provide wireless enhanced 911, the ability to locate cell phone 911 callers by latitude and longitude. Some public safety answering points (PSAPs) are operated independently of the agencies for which they dispatch. Others are departments within those agencies. Some are multi-disciplinary, dispatching for police, fire, and EMS. Others are not. Some have state-of-the-art equipment, while others make do with what they have. The one thing they all have in common is that while the public safety dispatch centers of Colorado are run locally, they need to work together to accomplish their missions effectively, and they need to be run by individuals well-informed about upcoming issues, technologies, and legislation affecting their industry.

The Colorado 911 Resource Center exists to support those 911 professionals keeping the public and public safety responders of Colorado safe. It does this by creating a statewide information database and clearinghouse where 911 professionals can learn about current issues, how other authorities and PSAPs do business, see sample policies and organizational documents, and make their voices heard.

One of the primary purposes of the Resource Center is to facilitate communication and collaboration between 911 professionals and policy makers in Colorado. This is done through a variety of media, including a comprehensive website, newsletters, email lists, a Colorado 911 blog, and regional meetings. Specifically, the Colorado 911 Resource Center website (www.co911rc.org) contains information concerning upcoming public safety communication-related training and meeting opportunities, grant and funding information, and general information for 911 professionals.

In addition to these services, the Resource Center produces research into 911 issues at the request of Colorado 911 professionals, can assist in communication with vendors, telecommunications providers, and legislators, and advocates for the improvement of 911 services with state and federal agencies and elected officials. Additional training for 911 dispatchers hosted by the Resource Center is also planned.

The Colorado 911 Resource Center is a nonprofit agency created by order of the Public Utilities Commission to provide assistance to 911 authorities and public safety answering points throughout the state. The members of the Resource Center’s Board of Directors are elected from the membership of the Public Utilities Commission 911 Task Force. This ensures that the Resource Center’s direction is represented by stakeholders with a thorough understanding of Colorado’s public safety communications issues.