Projects and Services

The Resource Center has a lot of projects and ongoing services. Here is a list of some of our major initiatives.

Ongoing Services and Tasks

  • Meet with local 9-1-1 Authority Boards to keep open the channels of communication.
  • Attend and bring back information from national meetings, disseminating this information to Colorado's 9-1-1 professionals:
    • Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Annual Conference
    • National Association of State 9-1-1 Administrators
    • National Emergency Number Association Annual Conference
    • National Emergency Number Association 9-1-1 Goes to Washington
    • National Emergency Number Association Technical and Operational Development Committees
  • Attend regular business meetings and annual conference of the state chapters of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials and the National Emergency Number Association.
  • Attend the meetings of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission 9-1-1 Task Force and facilitate remote participation by stakeholders.
  • Monitor state and national legislation and regulation with potential impact on 9-1-1 in Colorado.
  • Conduct informational web conferences for Public Safety Answering Point and 9-1-1 Authority representatives as needed.
  • Organize an annual Colorado and 9-1-1 Goes to Denver event.
  • Act as a source of information and background for Colorado state legislators on issues concerning 911.
  • Maintain and continually improve the website of the Colorado 9-1-1 Resource Center.
  • Maintain Colorado's portion of the national 911 Resource Center's information clearinghouse.
  • Participate in the publication of the annual Colorado State of 9-1-1 Report for presentation to the Public Utility Commission.
  • Assist 9-1-1 Authority and PSAP personnel as requested.
  • Participate in the review and updates to the State 9-1-1 Plan, incorporating input from stakeholders.
  • Maintain website and listserv for the Colorado 9-1-1 Training Standards Committee and facilitate their meetings.