November 4th 2pm-8pm
UNICEF fundraiser!

How to play:

Nov 4th five students will be "infected" with the highly contagious Zombie virus.
They will transmit this virus to five humans by tagging them with a ZOMBIE STICKER

Once tagged a new ZOMBIE has one hour to pick up five ZOMBIE STICKERS at the Zombie booth located in the DSU
The new ZOMBIE must infect five HUMANS before the end of the game (8pm)

A HUMAN may deflect the infection by purchasingĀ  ZOMBIE ANTIDOTES (50 cents each)
ZOMBIE ANTIDOTEs are good for only a one-hour period specified by the color coded tag (e.g., 2-3pm or 3-4pm etc)
Once the ZOMBIE ANTIDOTE expires a HUMAN can be infected

ZOMBIE cupcakes and treats will be sold at the ZOMBIE BOOTH

All proceeds to go to UNICEF
Additional donations welcomed!

If you are tagged with a ZOMBIE sticker you are a ZOMBIE
ZOMBIES must wear their stickers at all times
HUMANS may purchase a maximum of five ZOMBIE ANTIDOTEs from the Zombie booth
ZOMBIE ANTIDOTEs are good for repelling any zombie infection during a two hour period on a specific day

Fine Print
No actual biting of people, attacking, or injuring allow. NO nerf guns or throwing objects allowed.
Violation of rules will disqualify you from the game and any violent activity will be reported to campus police.