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  • Scholarly Pursuitsencouraging members to conduct exemplary research, disseminate and apply research findings, and maintain a lifelong interest in exploring the field of psychology
  • Chapter and Member Experiencesfostering a vibrant and meaningful environment for chapters and all members to contribute to and benefit from continued engagement
  • Member Developmentproviding information and opportunities to enhance members' professional and personal lives

Participation Program
CNU currently has nearly 800 Psi Chi members.  Membership in Psi Chi is for life. While members do not need to be active to maintain membership, they are expected to participate and be active within the organization. 
The CNU Psi Chi Chapter can only be successful if members actively participate in the scheduled events. For this reason, we have established a system that enables each member to gain benefits from their participation.

2016-2017 Inductions 2015-2016 Inductions 2014-2015 Inductions 2013-2014 Inductions

Fall 2016
Spring Inductions Only

Spring 2017

Fall 2015
Spring Inductions Only

Spring 2016
Madelyn Adams
Allison Baltz
Rhianan Banks
Colette Belden
Cassandra Bentivegna
Amber Biggers
Kayla Clark
Isabelle Clough
Sarah Creel
Spencer Dunlap
Celina Eosso
Colleen Gartin
Sydney Giroux
Brittany Harper
Sara Hoffman
Sarah Hoy
Margaret Hunt
Brooke Hurdle
Mary Jones
Tayler Jordan
Jonni LaGesse
Stephanie Lehman
Elease Loranger
Kaitlin McCormick
Lindsay Mikel
Jordan Newton
Allison Payne
Alaina Peters
Rayna Rossini
Joseph Theis
Laura Whittaker

Fall 2014
Hannah Ameling
Denise Aquino
Sabrina Callan
Elizabeth Clouds
Caroline Cox
Mary DeChristopjer
Zachary Dey
Turesa Gilchrist
Anne Halterman
Katherine Dubinsky
Robin Mason
Emily McKnew
Oliva Natale
Aspen Pinkleton
Corrie Powell
Sarah Trowel

Spring 2015
Jacquelin Ballinger
Candice Archer
Evelyn Beil
Paige Bloomquist
Amanda Bradbury
Victoria Buckman
Rashauna Carter
Kathleen Cracknell
Danielle DeLucia
Alexandra Dorsey
Jamie Farmer
Anna Farrell
Savannah Hager
Chasity Hamilton
Jessica Hanson
Taylor Holt
Kyle Horowitz
Mark Jones
Timothy Koch
Kevin Knot
Taryn Lewis
Marinella Mabalot
Megan MacLane
Chelsea Manyen
Gabriel Medley
Brittany Moore
Amanda Morrow
Hailey Nettles
Clarissa Perkins
Emily Reed
Tiffany Reese
Michyanna Ross
Megan Rutland
Kaitlyn Seay
Fiona Nicole Sityar
Jennifer Sperry
Jordan Stuart
Jessica Swing
Ashley Swather
Lindsey Tate
Victoria Taylor
Lauren Thomas
Christopher Tracey
Jennifer Trice
Madison Whitehurst
Kiana Winter
Erin Zirpoli

Fall 2013
Taylor Dillow
Brandi Evans
Hayley Jo Guess
Adam Hart
Alexandra Liddell 
Christina Lovasz 
Alaina Manley
Kaitlyn Proffitt 
Alexander Velosky 
Alyssa Verastegui

Spring 2014
Leann Anckner
Samantha Brotman
Papa Casey
Paige Chappell
Catherine Chubb
Beth Curran
Sarah Davis
Stephanie Delneky
Lydia Dodge
Sinda Fekir
Julie Fortney
Avery Friedman
Roland Gaddy
Stephanie Hall
Whitney Hyatt
Samantha King
Melissa Leviton
Krista Lewis
Hudson Lynsie
Michelle Maggi
Meredith Meeks
Andrew Moyer
Caroline Parker
Courtney Perreault
Mallory Pillsbury
Hannah Reed
Stefanie Rowland
Emily Schulz
Courtney Skeen
Courtney Skeen
Marie Tate
Gabrielle Thai
Lindsay Thomas
Sarah Wagner
Krislyn Yeatras

Fall 2011 Inductions
New Psi Chi Members
First Row-Officers: Allison Staford, Brittany Brown, Amanda Lane
 Dr Kelly Cartwright (Department Chair), Dr Jason Hart (Keynote Address), Mr Dan Miter (Alumni Speaker)  Candlelight Ceremony

Spring 2011 Inductions
Congratulations Psi Chi inductees of Spring 2011!