Striking Similarities

Are they beyond coincidental? 
Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose has sold millions of copies. However, concerns regarding the similarities between the book and Belzebuub's writings remain.

From 2004 onward, Eckhart Tolle's material appears arguably similar to the teachings of Belzebuub. Research studies examined the extent and nature of these similarities. In these studies, a research team applied content analysis, a systematic method for identifying themes, and expert ratings to assess the similarities. 

You are welcome to check out the studies to see the comparisons for yourself.
  • Study One involved comparing the overall structure of each leader's "instructional approach." 
  • Study Two involved comparing books written by the two spiritual leaders.

"Using content analysis methods made the comparisons much more manageable. It was through this process that we started to see themes emerge and to see whether there was anything to these concerns."