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Study Addresses Concerns about Similarities Between the Writings of Eckhart Tolle and Belzebuub

In the paper “Privatizing Enlightenment in the Re-Emergence of Religion,” two contemporary leaders were introduced as examples: Mark Pritchard "Belzebuub" and Eckhart Tolle.

The similarities between their writings were investigated in a recent research study. Check out the comparisons, and see what you think.

Are the similarities beyond coincidental?

This website is dedicated to a research initiative to explore the privatization of enlightenment. A research article describing the trend was recently published in the Journal of Dharma, and you can access it on this website.

Updates about the topic will be posted here, and you can check out the featured study that was referenced in the article.  Thanks for visiting.

--Gabrielle M. Wood, Ph.D.

Privatizing Enlightenment in the Re-Emergence of Religion

What are the impacts of “spiritual leaders” privatizing enlightenment? Can their teachings still be considered spiritual?

If spiritual leaders mainly teach to those who can afford it or to a select few, then what happens to the others?

These and other issues are explored in the research article entitled Privatizing Enlightenment in the Re-Emergence of Religion (Journal of Dharma, 2009).