Welcome to Music!

"Where words fail, music speaks". -- Hans Christian Andersen

National Standards: 

• Students need to have experience in creating, to be successful musicians and to be successful 21st century citizens.

• Students need to perform – as singers, as instrumentalists, and in their lives and careers.

• Students need to respond to music, as well as to their culture, their community, and their colleagues.

What are we learning about?
• Every month we will be focusing on a different style of music. Some styles include: Music from Long Ago (Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Periods), Pop, Rock n' Roll, Jazz, Country, and Music in Films.
• Students will also be learning how to read notes on the staff as well as basic rhythms.  We will be playing lots of different instruments to demonstrate our knowledge of rhythms, notes and melodies. 
• This year, students will learn to appreciate music and the sounds they hear all around them. 
Upcoming Events for Miller's Run and Newark Street School: 

•Nothing scheduled at the moment but check back later!