2017-2018 ~ First Grade Classroom

Literacy in First Grade:  

We do the Reading Workshop Model this includes:
Independent Reading for 30 minutes (looking at books, reading books)
Journaling ~ The students are working on writing the title, a sentence, and drawing a picture.
Partner Reading ~ They are to read with a partner quietly talking about books.
Reading Groups ~ This is where we have groups of students meeting together to work on common strategies.  Once they are done working with me they go back into the rotation.

Then we do a Writing Workshop Model this includes:
A mini-lesson
Independent writing
Partner share outs
Whole group share outs

First Grade
  • Reading and writing numbers up to 120
  • Counting to 120
  • Backward counting
  • Fluently adding and subtracting to 10
  • Adding and subtracting to 20
  • Describing shapes

How I chose the Koalas.  When I first started at Millers Run.  Mrs. Hertz and I were talking about class names.  She named her class as the Herons because her last name starts with an H.  I thought that is a neat idea. I started thinking on the idea.  There are not many animals that starts with a K. 



  • practicing sight words (different list for each grade)
  • 20 minutes of reading every night (this year I am  not requiring you fill out the sheet)
  • BUT know the more your child is read to or they read to you the more FLUENT they will become.
Ways to read at home
  1. They read to you out of book bags (They are either red or purple bags ~ please return every day)
  2. You reading to them
  3. Or them just looking at pictures of larger books.

First Grade

Practicing fluency up to 10 (adding and subtracting)
1+1 =2
1+2 = 3
Counting to 120 ~ forward and backwards

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