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West Pennant - Thoughtful Spot

The trailside boulder while hiking in just before arriving at the main area.

1. Long Ears V8 SDS
From corner, go to arete and TO. (FA Nick Sagar 2004)

The first boulder at the main cluster.

2. Teaspot V? SDS
Short corner from horizontal.

3. Pepper Grinder V3
Start on good holds, left and up to scary topout

4. Pinch Of Salt V7 SDS
Sloping rail to slopers then tricky TO.

On the underside of the large boulder opposite "More Coffee"

5. Sean's Belt Problem V4 SDS
Low start on rail, out roof to face.

6. More Coffee V3
Follows rails to crux mantle TO. Var. exit early to left.

On the back side of the huge boulder with "More Coffee V3"

7. Randy Savage V6 SDS
Starts with 2 incut crimps, powerful throw to left crimp, then up.

Trespassers Will Area

These problems are on the lower boulder cluster just beneath "Randy Savage". Continue on the the well worn trail past Randy Savage along the huge wall to gain access to these problems.

1. Warm-up On Crack V0 SDS

As the name suggests.

9. Air Bud V6
From corner big move right to good crimp then up.

10. Air Ben V6
From corner jump up left and TO.

11. Trespassers Will V10 SDS
Low start, climb up scoop to crimp crux. (FA Nick Sagar 2004)

12. The Sandbag Corner V3 SDS
Sit start on slopers, climb straight up on good holds. Real nice. Stand start is easier.

Left arete of the "Trespassers Will" boulder as visible from "Randy Savage"

13. Old Soul V10 SDS 
Technical arete and face. Classic! (FA Nick Sagar 2004)

Backside of "Trespassers Will" boulder around corner from #12

14. Progresso V2 SDS
Traverse long juggy rail. Scary.

15. Tiggers Do Best V4 SDS
From rail jug, up to lip and TO.

16. Point of No Return V5 SDS
Start with hand crack. Quick mantle to a dicey slab with an exciting high finish. Bring a brush.

17. Mr. Sanders V9
Slopey arete with crux at the top. (FA Nick Sagar 2004)

18. Mr. Sheppard V4
Climb up rail.

Located on the large boulder beside "Mr. Sanders"

19. Pigglet V3 SDS
RH arete / LH edge. Bump up arete and TO.

Underground Area

They on the back of the next large boulder in the cluster beside the "Pigglet" Boulder. These problems are most easily accessed by continuing left past past #19 "Piglet" and following the base of the large boulder cluster heading back uphill.

20. Underground Right V4 SDS
Bad holds over bulge and slab.

21. Underground Center V6 SDS
Hug up double arete to jug then TO straight up slab. Scary at top!!

22. Underground Cave V4
Pull over roof and TO crack. Kind of cool.