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Porcupine Fortress

1. The Quill V0
Travers up Huge Boulder from left. Landing is relatively flat, but the topout is at about 16 feet (or when you decide you are high enough), so a couple of pads would be recommended. One of the best V0s in Nova Scotia. (FA. Jonathan G., May 2002)

P. Project
Go straight up the face of Huge boulder to the highest point.

What's Dave's Problem V1 (not pictured)
Basically you are climbing a huge flake on the back of the Huge boulder and topping out on a slab covered with huge sharp crystals.

The Wishing Well V4 (not pictured)
Starts on a really low rail, hard foot placement and hard to just get off the ground. Then you bust right out to a flake on the lip. Then left to a sloper and up and over.

2. Don't Sneeze V5
From two finger jams in the horizontal crack on the back left of the overhang to the rim and then around to match on the last big handhold.

3. Dracula's Big Adventure V2
Traverse from left to right along back wall of the overhang under the Nose. Ken Nicholson found and named it.

4. Tick Country V3 (FA Jonathan G.)
To the right of "Don't Sneeze?" Start with hand and foot jam in far right of horizontal crack and through out to wedge against the fin under the overhang. Continue out to finish on big holds.

5. Confidence V4
Up the bow of the Battleship Boulder. Classic arete problem!

6. More Confidence V5 Var.
Variation on confidence. Start on the arete, out right to the smooth feature and then big move to the lip.

7. Unnamed Arete

8. Tea Time in Transylvania VB
On the right of the Stern Slab on Battleship Boulder. (I think the name has something to do with the amount of blood lost while cleaning it.) Scrubbed and sent by Ken Nicholson.

9. Stern Ladder V0
Located on the Port (left) side of the Stern Slab on the Battleship Boulder. Cleaned and sent by Barbara Stary on Nov 18, 2001.

P. Mick's Project V?
Start on thin crimp and feature and climbs straight up. Looks stellar.

10. Kim Jong il as Fuck V7
Start on the bulbous protrusion, on go out over the bulge. Big moves!

11. Anchor Chain V4
Start on thin crimp ledge. Use under-cling and bulbous protrusion, then follow crack to top. (FA Teth Cleveland, Nov 18, 2001)

12. Farewell Dear Leader V4
Same start as for Anchor Chain, but climb thin crack straight up instead of left.

13. Battle Ship problems V2-V4
Lots of possibilities for variations here, none distinct enough to warrant naming.

14. Mask Man V7 
On the South Side of Boulder #1. Start on apposing holds and use one of two crimps to reach a nice hand hold. Unfortunately the top-out is sketchy. (FA. Zig, May 2002)

15. Qbert V0
Easy arete on far end of face. Also a good down climb.

16. Quake
Right of Qbert. No hands start. Up slab. Going to wicked finger pocket before topping out.

17. Quandry
Right of Quake, left of Quiche.

18. Quiche V0
Starts on Flake. Goes up crack.

19. The Quiver V4
Starts sitting with your back to Huge boulder. It goes up an obvious shallow left facing corner.

Other Problems

Paternity V?
On the boulder to the right of the overhang. Start with horizontal crack on left. Climb up to higher boulder. Down climb (part of problem) to right.

Crimp Problem V0

On small boulder near Bandit boulder.