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Polly's Cove - Proper
Great late fall/early spring location. Very protected area from northern winds with great southern exposure.

1. You Have a Wide Crack V3
Up obvious offwidth; chickenwinging optional, long sleeves mandatory.

2. The Guillotine V3 
Start on sharp pinch and sidepull, step on and reach up to jug. Try to move statically or risk leaving lots of skin behind.

3. About Beef V2 
Climb crack and dihedral.

4. Hydra V3
From protruding pinch, pull a few delicate moves up the vertical face on thin rails to gain jugs just when you start to get scared. Very good.

5. The Leaner SDS V3
Start sitting on the ground and far down the quartz seam as possible and traverse left and up to top out as for About Beef. Excellent and pure.

6. Steve's Addiction V3
Start as for The Leaner but go up into Hydra before coming around the bulge. Why you would do this instead of Hydra is a complete mystery.

7. Addicted to Dirty Faces V0
Climb up the dirty face on positive rails and steps. Not that you would, but do not fall from the top.

8. Polly's Contact V4 
Dangle from crystally slopers and campus up to positive rail. Match and top out with exceptional grace and style.

8.5 Ole' School Hopper V7 
The blankest face at Polly's finally get's some love with Nova Scotia's hardest jump-start problem! Run and jump off the small triangular ledge to reach the juggy flake at the top of the wall. Easy mantle to finish it off.  Height dependent.  (FA Luke Buxton, 2013)

9. Fear and Loathing at Polly's V2
Tape your hands, void your bowels, and climb the tall crack to crux topout.

10. Dungee Traverse V3
Traverse blankness left from rolling arete to Fear and Loathing at Polly's. Variation top out via fear and loathing.

11. Terminal Velocity V5
Reach/step/hop to gain crack and then climb it. Probably a good idea to go up top and have a look at the holds first. Excellent and exciting line that requires good padding and competent spotters.

12. Birth Simulator VB-
Spelunk all the way to the back of the cave and then pop out surprisingly far from where you went in. Fun for the whole family.

13. Poop Chute V1

Up the giant flake. Keep it together up there kiddies.

14. I Am Jack's Brutalized Finger Tips V2

Although the crux is the first move, this problem remains an excellent method of spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair. There are better ways to impress girls.