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LOC - Nouveau Riche

Problems 1 - 4 are on the first boulder encountered when hiking in

1. Levitate V9 SDS 
Crimps up the sharp corner. (FA by Ben Blakney 2003)

2. Kirbatron V6 SDS

Jugs to slopers then TO.

3. Dynamitus V8
Up arete. Left edges are in for feet. Var: SDS is V9. (Both FA G. Losier 2000)

4. When Bitter and Ugly Meet V2 
Straight up the face on good edges. Excellent. 

5. The Preview V4
LH arete / RH crimp. Slap something with the right hand, then tricky top-out.

6. La Sacree Volee V6 SDS
Scrunch fest up short corner. 

7. Nouveau Itch V8 SDS
Cryptic start baffled climbers for a decade. For full enjoyment, try it without beta. (FA G. Losier 2000)

8. Nouveau Riche V1
Up crack. 

9. BK McMuffin V4 SDS
Face just right of the crack. Technical face or powerful dyno, depending on your tastes. If you end up in the the crack for Nouveau Riche you got lost.

18. Alpha Female V4
Climb the slab straight up between BK McMuffin and La Force Du Sang on very thin crystals and small edges to top out on slopers. Avoid the jug on the right unless you get really scared.

10. La Force Du Sang V7 SDS
Starts on the crimps, crank to the big hold on the arete and continue up it.

11. True Blood V5 SDS
Starts on the crimps, balancy moves using both aretes, crimps and tricky feet to sloper on the lip and up.

12. Hoofmaker V7 SDS Var.
Starting on the small crimps inside the cave, climb over lip and TO corner. Variation V7 instead of topping out the dirty slab, link Hoofmaker into Miss Steak for a nicer flowing line.

13. Miss Steak V3
Climb up the face with diagonals.

The small boulder at the far end of the area.

14. La Vie En Rose V3 SDS  
Balancy moves up the small boulder. Var SDS V4

Problems 15 - 17 are on the backside of the main boulders.

15. Can I have a Drum Roll V5 SDS
Starting from obvious low hold traverse left to right. A true butt dragger.

16. Smoke on the Water V1 SDS
Start from low holds and climb short face. Cooler if you don't use the arete.

17. Imogen V7 SDS 
Crimp hard to get off the ground and it's all over. Left hand undercling helps. Stacking pads is only cheating yourself.