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LOC - Scrappy Boulders

Inland area with no wind protection. 

1. Hoodstar V3
Go up the blank slab. More fun than it looks. Do it with hands to the left or to the right. One way is harder. Hehe

2. Skwishy Tuna SDS V3
Sit under the loose rattly jug, pull on and go straight up. Good problem in and of itself. Good warm-up for The Potted Plant Expert.

3. The Potted Plant Expert V6 SDS
Start way down right in the crack, pull fun moves left along lip and top out straight up as for Skwishy Tuna. Awesome.

4. The Washboard V0
Straight up jugs from standing

5. Corner Warmup V0
6 Feet to the right of the Washboard, climb up jugs on the short arete on the corner. Also works as a sit start.

Gastropod V1 SDS (Not pictured)
On the back of the boulder, from jug shoot to lip and top out. Bonus points for beached whale manoeuvres.

6. The Green House Expert V2 SDS 
Start as for House Plant Expert, traverse left and up face. Be aware that feature flexes.

7. The House Plant Expert V2 SDS
From big rail, move up and right on sidepulls.

8. Choppin Broccoli V0
Climb up face using arete

9. Thunk V0
Go up from jugs

10. Major Payne V2 SDS
From crimps move up to progressively better holds. Hard start for the grade.

11. Heuvos Grande V6 SDS
Start left hand crimp sidepull, right hand in crack and hug your way up the arete to top out on jug. Do not fall from the top.

12. Black Tower V8 SDS
Beautiful, proud arete on the left. Climber must not fall. (FA G. Losier 2004)

13. Better than a kick in the nuts V7
Start underclinging, paste feet on and go up face.