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Chebucto Head - Andy's Area

1. Dave's Problems V0-V2 
Start sitting at the small flake around the corner from the left side of the wall. SDS V2.

2. Little Fellar V4 SDS 
An eliminate variation of Dave's Problem were you leave out the side cracks.

3. Wide Mouth V1 SDS
Start sitting at a flake. Climb up the wide crack on your left. The big ledge to the right is out for your feet.

4. Small Mouth V0 SDS
Somebody wanted to name a boulder problem.

5. Andy's Problem V4
Climb the scoop in the middle of the face around the corner to the right of Wide Mouth.

6. Warm Up Problem V0 SDS
Same as Sean's Problem but step off at the end of the crack.

7. Sean's Problem V6 SDS
Start sitting at the far right end of the boulder at the base of a wide crack. Traverse the crack from right to left and then make thin, hard moves into Andy's Problem and follow it to the top.

8. Big Fellar V5 SDS
Start in horizontal crack and climb up middle of dome.

9. Young One V10 
Start hugging bulge with toe-heel cam in horizontal crack, and compress your way up feature. Feels exposed. First attempted by the famous (to the 1%ers) Tommy Caldwell who couldn't put it to bed.... He might have taste in big walls but they are something to be desired in bouldering. FA - Nick Sager.