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Chebucto Head - Chebucto Foot

Inlet Problems

"Halifax bouldering" lists 4 lines in this inlet located on the way to Chebucto Foot. Based on the descriptions, it's not clear which lines are which.

1. Rocky V4 SDS 
Up edges and big blocks in the crevasse's left side.

2. Knock Out V7 
Start with left hand sidepull, big move up right, finishes up then left on ledge.

3. One Shot Slab V2 
Scary slab.

4. A Burly Thing V4/5 SDS
Up short wall.

Chebucto Foot

Nice seaside novice climbing, but very sharp rock, even by Nova Scotia standards.

1. The Fun Flow V4 SDS 
Sit as low and left as you can, traverse right using low seams to crux lockoff / dyno, then top out.

2. Love Boat V7
Fight the pain on small crimps and protrusions up face, ignoring cracks on either side. Be careful not to accidentally gain left crack during topout or you're a big cheater.

3. Big Toe V1 SDS 
Start on incuts or pinches, reach back and up left to top out.

4. Big Piggy V0 SDS 
From huge ledge go up on giant holds.

5. Little Piggy V4 SDS 
Start on big flat hold, do big move out right into underclings, match and it's all over. 

6. Gumby's V3 SDS 
Squat on boulder and climb broken corner out of the hole on the most painful holds imaginable to rolling, insecure topout. Do not fall during the topout.

7. Mantle Pro SDS V3 
Start in seam on LH sidepull, RH crimp. Reach or dyno back and up to gain jug then mantle up and out. WARNING - jug flexes. Not recommended for big kids.

8. It's Like Indiana Jones in Here V6
Starts standing, up sloping holds moving right.

9. Lazy Boy V4 SDS 
Up sharp edges.

10. The A-Team V4 SDS 
Start hugging the diamond, squeeze your way up using cool pinch and good sidepulls. Very good.

11. Single Elimination V6
Up corner. As the name suggests, you'll want to do this in one attempt.

11.5 Gripped Face V0 
Up face.

12. Gripped Arete V2 SDS

13. Slash Dyno V2 
Start matched in big triangle hole, dyno to lip and up. Do not underestimate the topout.

14. Visage Coupe V7 
Heinous crux starts on small incut, traverse left on seam to arete. Block at the bottom is not in. If it doesn't feel nails hard, or you've never climbed a V10 - you probably cheated. Block in variation V4.

This feature is located another 50 meters down the coastline past Chebucto foot

15. Dome Left V0 

16. Dome Center V2 

17. Dome Right V2