Erasmus+ project

This is a social project mainly focused on “REFUGEES and IMMIGRATION” and it means that everybody deserves to live a life according to UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. 

For more than ten years of research both Europe and in other countries,  Human Rights Watch (HRW) has documented serious violations of children’s rights arising from immigration. Children may be arbitrarily detained, held in cells with unrelated adults and subjected to brutal treatment by police, guards and other authorities. They are often kept in poor conditions that fall far short of international standards governing appropriate settings for children deprived of their liberty. 

Children in immigration detention include unaccompanied migrant children, children in families (including young infants), asylum-seeking and refugee children and children whose parents are seeking asylum or are refugees. 

UN agencies say the number of children forced to flee Syria has reached one million, describing the figure as "a shameful milestone".
Overall, more than 2.7 million people have registered as refugees since the uprising against the rule of President Basher la-Assad which began in March 2011, with many more believed to be unregistered.

Although Syrian refugees have fled to numerous countries, the vast majority have ended up in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

The project came out of the most serious social problems in recent years as stated above. It is a very serious issue for all of us. We came together with the institutions from the countries where the problem is a hot issue, mainly Turkey and Bulgaria. The Italian  school also has students refugees and they have experience on how to cope with the problem in terms of integrating these people and children into the European culture. RO and BG are the other countries which are also in the frame of the issue as the members of the European Union. The project will not solve the problems but it will increase social awareness in terms of understanding these people in need and trying to help them overcome their difficult situation. Children are the main case to deal with. As they are the most innocent actors of the issue, it is our responsibility to take care of them as much as we can.

Our point of starting this project is Humanism. We want to show our respect to those people because we all live on the same Earth. This musn’t be seen as mercy but it should be seen as responsibility. Of course we can’t manage to solve all the problem of immigrants/refugees but as educational institutions we can manage to provide social acceptance and we can manage to give them stronger motivation/hope for a happy life. On the other side, this project will be very useful for our students through developing their social skills, social sensitivity  and autonomous personalities.

The project will examine the following problems: 
-forced immigrants
-the causes and consequences of forced migration
-the impact of immigration detention on children
-difficult living conditions faced by migrants
-necessity to obey human rights in case of every individual
-insufficient sensitivity towards immigrants
-social exclusion of immigrant families
-facing financial and emotional exploitation of immigrant families

The project will also promote and develop:
-increase in social responsibility, social consciousness, social awareness , social sensitivity, tolerance, empathy for the immigrants and refugees
- destroying stereotypes
-entrepreneurship and volunteering skills of our students
-helping immigrants to contribute to the world peace

Project activities will be applied at five schools, the schools in the neighbourhood, NGOs in a local area and in the local community. Students, teenagers, parents, people in the local community will be the main actors.

There are five stages in the project plot to be implement the activities and to achieve the expected results. These include:
- Searching immigration and refugees Issue 
-Why do immigrants and refugees turn to Europe in search of a happy life?
-Getting to know refugees and immigrants better (taking videos and preparing documentaries of them)
-Organising social volunteering activities for them by including as many people as possible
-Disseminating project activities effectively in local, national and international areas to create spreading waves in Europe and in the world 
-Developing solutions for children

This project must be carried out transnationally because its topic is international. The problem must be searched, discussed and solutions must be found  as soon as possible as the number of refugees is growing dramatically. Since the case is international its causes and effects are international as well. We will find solutions and make activities together.