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Cultural Symposium: Interview Process
Cultural Symposium: Design Process
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Revise and Resubmission

As a learner there are times when we are not able to demonstrate our full understanding of a concept. The opportunity to revise and resubmit work, gives everyone a chance to demonstrate new understanding.  When submitting work please be sure to follow these guidelines……

  1. Improve your assignment/project on a separate document/sheet of paper

  2. Highlight the changes you have made from your original submission, showing your new understanding.

  3. Attach both your original piece of work and the rubric that was used to assess your assignment/project

  4. Attach a cover paragraph (6-8 sentences) explaining the concept you had difficulty understanding in your first submission and a description of how you came to better understand this concept before this re-submission.

  5. Submit these one week before the end of the marking period.

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Opportunity Days: Mondays and Thursdays, 2:05-3:20