·   All bona fide students of Central Mindanao University who hold the prescribed and validated identification card for the current semester.

·   All CMU faculty and other personnel who have proper Identification.

· Visitors or outsiders who have permission from proper authority to do research work.


The Library ID entitles the holder to borrow materials from the library.

· The Library ID may be availed in June of the first semester after the freshmen and transferee student Orientation/Library Instruction.

·   A student who does not have a Library Card is not allowed to loan books. School ID should be used for entrance and inside reading only. 

·   Lost and tampered Library ID should be reported immediately. P 5.00 fee will be charged for its re-issuance.



·   Upon entering the library, users must deposit their possessions, such as briefcases, large bags, packages, and personal books at the depository area.

·   All users must enter their Library ID/School ID number in the Library Login System or by using the barcode reader located at the entrance of 2nd floor of the University Library.

·   All users must present their I.D. cards to the Section In-charge when entering the section and in requesting for any reading material.

·   Reading material must not be brought outside the library unless allowed by the Library In-Charge.

·   Users must present their things for inspection before leaving the library.

·   Faculty members must sign the logbook before leaving the library.


·   Every user is limited to 20 minutes for browsing the kiosk

·   Only one student user at a time.

·   On the log in page just provide the username and password which you inputted during your library registration.


·   Books in this section can be charged out to students, faculty, and staff of the university upon the presentation of their Library Identification Card. A student who does not have a Library Card is not allowed to loan out books. School ID should be used for entrance and inside reading only.

·   Students can borrow three (3) books at a time; 1 Fiction book and 2 non-fiction books for a period of three (3) days which are renewable for the next three (3) days if there are no other requests for the book.

·   Any faculty member who holds the University Identification Card has the privilege to borrow circulation books.

·   The loan period for books to be used for faculty classes is one month and renewable for another month if there are no other requests for the book.        

·   Books not related to subject area of teaching is loaned out for one (1) week only and renewable for another week if there are no other requests for the book.

·   The maximum number of books a faculty member can borrow is 12 titles and one (1) volume each title.

·   Any library user who fails to return the library materials on time will be charged P5.00 per day for the first week; P10.00 per day for the second week and P15.00 per day for the third week and so forth.

·   All library materials should be returned promptly.


·   The Reference Section houses the general reference materials; hence, the books are for inside reading only.

·   Books can be borrowed for photocopying for one (1) hour only. Failure to return on specified time carries a penalty of P5.00 per hour.

·   Borrowed library materials should be returned to the section 15 minutes before the last period to avoid the rush and confusion.

·   Vertical/Information file is also found in this area. The materials are filed in envelopes and arranged alphabetically by subject. They are restricted room use only.           


·   Books in this section are used for subjects offered by the different colleges and departments.

·   Books found in the College Reading Room are used for subjects offered in their college or departments.

·   Books can be borrowed for overnight and for weekend use.

·   No more than two (2) books may be borrowed at any one time.

·   Lending period is limited to one (1) hour.  Extension of another hour is permitted provided that no other user requested for the book.

·   Loaning time for overnight use is from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and must be returned at 8:00 a.m. of the following day.  Weekend loaning must be returned on Monday at 8:00 a.m.

·   A lone copy of the book cannot be loaned out for overnight use for there might be users who are going to use the book before the library closes.

·   All borrowers who failed to return the book on time will be fined of P5.00 per hour or P60.00 per day.

·   Faculty members who borrowed books in this section have the same penalty with the students when they failed to return the borrowed book.


·   It houses books which are written by Filipino authors and publications about the Philippines regardless of author, imprint or format.

·   Books are for inside reading only and can be borrowed for photocopying for 45 minutes to 1 hour only.

·   Photocopying of theses/dissertation materials is strictly prohibited due to the nature of its binding, and of the copyright law.


·   The Serials Section is the current “Information Powerhouse” through which information found in journals, magazines newspapers, government publications, and other serial literature are found.

·   These materials are available for inside reading only but can be borrowed for photocopying for 45 minutes to 1 hour only. Failure to return the materials on the specified time will have a fine of P5.00 per hour.

·   Electronic journals can be accessed through the Electronic Library, the Internet connection in the library.  Students can use the E--Lib for one (1) hour only to give others the chance to use.  Students are allowed to download any Articles through the server in-charge.  Printing charge is P5.00 per page for black and white only.

·   Index Periodical articles are found in the OPAC program and the Index Catalog. Students can easily search the topic and locate the articles on the shelves through these instruments.


·   Audio-visual materials are for library and classroom instruction uses only.

·   Students can avail of the audio-visual materials upon presenting a recommendation or note from their respective faculty, subject to the approval of the University Librarian and IMC.

·   TV and VHS players are for library use only and operated by a Library Staff.

·   Two days prior to use, a letter of request should be submitted to the Office of the University Librarian & IMC for approval and for reservation.


·   Students can link globally through the Internet which offers rich and rapid expanding storehouses of information for research works.

·   The Users must LOG-IN before using the workstations and Logout after use.

·   The Workstation’s can be used by the students for free with 1(one) hour Limit. Time extensions can be given when no one is waiting, just see the in-charge and request for an extension.

·   If no workstations are vacant, ask the current user if someone is waiting to use the unit after him/her. If none then inform him/her that you want to use the unit.

·   If you have problems in you workstations please inform the in-charge for assistance.

·   Accessing Pornographic sites are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

·   FACEBOOK, YAHOO MAILS, and YOUTUBE are not allowed for there are others waiting to do their research w/c is given priorities to use the facilities.

·   Encoding is allowed when no one is using the internet.

·   Using Flash Drives is also restricted. If you have to save your files into your Flash Drives or Phones follow the upload process.

·   Steps in Uploading your Files:

Ø  Access to any browser available.

Ø  Upload page will be displayed with browsing instructions. Upload your files and remember the filename.

Ø  See the in-charge to get your uploaded files.

·   Users are expected to respect and abide everything that is listed above. E-library is intended for project and research purposes only.


·   The Library utilizes the 2nd-floor reading area for viewing audio-visual materials for a big number of users and uses the Instructional Media Center (IMC) located at the Circulation Section Reading Area for a limited number of viewers.

·   Reservation of this facility should be done three (3) days prior to use at the IMC by signing the reservation form.

·   The form shall be signed by the faculty, head of the department, IMC In-Charge and the University Librarian for approval.


·   This section houses permanent records of the University such as administration profile, history, achievements, origin of the institution, and a special collection of rare books, artifacts, pictures,and charts.

·   The materials are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. They are restricted and for library use only.

·   Borrowed archival materials should be returned 15 minutes before the library closed to avoid the rush.


1.   Students should wear their Identification Card upon entering the library.

2.   Absolute silence must be observed.  Cellular phones must be turned off/silent mode so as not to disturb others who make use of the library.

3.   Eating and smoking inside the library are strictly prohibited.

4.  Any library user must act with decorum especially when dealing with the Library staff.

5.   Always ask for assistance from the library staff in using library materials.

6.  Students who are under the influence of liquor are not allowed to enter the library.

7.  Present things or any library materials (books/journals) upon going out the library for inspection, checking and for proper charging of loaned out materials.


1. Deliberate marking, mutilation, or defacing of books and other library materials shall be punishable by either suspension or expulsion and loss of all library privileges.

2.  Unauthorized withdrawal of books and other materials shall be deemed an act of theft and the offender shall be subject to expulsion and criminal prosecution.

3.Any library user who fails to return any library material on time will be charged P5.00 per hour for reserve books; P5.00 daily for Circulation books in the first week; P10.00/day for the 2nd week; P15.00 for the third week and succeeding days.

4.  Lost books must be reported at once and replaced with a book of the same title and edition. If replacement is not possible, the fine is computed according to the current cost of the book plus the processing fee.

5.  All library materials must be returned promptly. Deliberately keeping them for personal use will be a ground for the cancellation of borrowing privileges.

6. For any misconduct and illegal act not herein specified, the user shall lose his/her Library privileges without prejudice to criminal action that may be brought against him/her.

7.  The I.D. of any student causing unnecessary noise inside the library will be confiscated and forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs and communicate to his respective Dean for disciplinary action. Any violation shall be dealt with the following penalties:

                   1st violation    -     Warning and reprimand

                  2nd violation   -      Loss of Library privileges for one week

                  3rd violation   -       Suspension from class


Any faculty member who holds the library borrower’s card enjoys the privilege of borrowing any books from the Circulation Section for loan out. The borrower’s card can be secured from the librarian of the Circulation Section.


Books to be used in their field of instruction shall be loaned out for one (1) month and renewable every month if no other client requested for the book. If the book borrowed is not in line with their field of instruction, the book shall be loaned out for one week only and renewable for another week if there is no another client requested for the book.


Periodical reference, limited by the difficulty of replacement, is restricted for room use only except when needed in the classroom with the approval of the head of unit or section in the library.

·   Reference Books and Filipiniana Collections are strictly for room use only.

·   Reserved books can be borrowed for overnight use only.


Books borrowed are subject to recall within the semester if the students need them in the Reserved Section.


The library extends to the faculty the privilege of borrowing books in the Circulation Section.  They shall fill out the request form at the loan desk and the library will notify them as soon as the books are available.


All books borrowed must be returned to the Library every end of the semester. If the same books are needed for the next semester, a request for renewal shall be made from the Circulation Section librarian. Faculty who are on teacher’s leave must return all their books borrowed from the library.


 Replacement and or payment of lost books must be settled before the end of the semester by the faculty and students.


At end of the semester, summer, or academic year all faculty members are required to secure clearances from their respective unit libraries and the main library.  Library clearances will not be given to the faculty member unless their records are cleared.