The CMU Library is an academic library. Basically, it provides books and other reading materials to the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and administrators of the university.

It is located at the center of the University campus facing the University Convention Center (UCC). Its services are geared towards the attainment of the four-fold functions, namely: Instruction, Research, Extension, and Production. It strives to meet the demands of the faculty and students through its resources and services. 

In the early 60’s, the Library occupied three (3) rooms and a laboratory room at the College of Agriculture.  The two rooms served as the reading hall having a seating capacity of 156 persons.  The hall was small and not conducive for reading and research purposes.  It was later transferred to the unfinished building of the Bureau of Public Works which is now University Food and Lodging Services (UFLS).

The Library was later transferred to a three-storey permanent building in March 1977 through a CMU – World Bank loan.  Presently, it now occupies the three-storey building which can accommodate 500 persons. It also consists of ten (10) reading rooms located at the different colleges in the University.

Designated Librarian:
Ms. Salud Gultiano
           Librarian 1961-1962

Dr. Zenaida L. Caintic –      Designated University Librarian, 1963-1982
                                             AB Major in Library Science 1960 @ University of the Philippines, Diliman
                                             Master of Library Science 1972 @ University of San Carlos, Cebu City
                                             Doctor of Educational Management @ University of Kentucky, United States of America 

Ms. Norah E. Lucas –          Licensed No. 0001181
                                             Designated University Librarian 1982-1986
                                             Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in History @ 
                                             Lourdes College, Cagayan de Oro City
                                             2nd Major: Library Science Summer 1973 @ University of San Carlos, Cebu City

Prof. Esther E. Dinampo -  Licensed No. 0000261
                                            Designated University Librarian, 1986-2005
                                            Master of Library Science Summer 1984 @ University of San Carlos, Cebu City
                                            BS in Education Major in Library Science 1970 @ Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City

Ms. Guia T. Dispo –           License No. 0000691
                                           Designated University Librarian, 2006-2008
                                           Designated Officer-In-Charge 2005-2006
                                           Master of Library Science w/ 18 units @ University of San Carlos, Cebu City
                                           Master of Library Science w/12 units @ MSU-IIT, Iligan City
                                           Bachelor of Arts Major in Library Science 1971 @ Liceo de Cagayan (now University)

Ms. Marichu M. Bonalos - Marichu M. Bonalos - Bonalos -  License No. 0004932
                                             Designated University Librarian 2008- March 2015
                                             Master of Library Science Summer 2004 @ MSU-IIT, Iligan City
                                             BS in Agriculture Major in Animal Husbandry 1983 
                                                   @ Cental Mindanao University,  University Town, Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon
Ms. Belinda B. Calunsag -  License No 0003268
                                            Designated University Librarian March 2015 – Present
                                            Master of Library and Information Science 2011 @ University of San Carlos, Cebu City
                                            AB Major in Library Science 1988 
                                                   @ Cental Mindanao University, University Town, Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon