The mission of the library is to provide a collection of information resources in order to support the circular, informational and research needs of the college & community. It is a dynamic center for learning, and support the university in carrying out its functions, instruction, research, extension & production.

As a dynamic center for learning the University Library is not only a repository of knowledge that supports the four-fold mission of the University but also performs them. In instruction, the University Library conducts the orientation program to its users; instructs its clients on the use of the library materials and tools. The collection of print and non-print resources supports the instructional materials of the instructors and research needs of the students. In research, it promotes, encourages, and teaches the users the effective and efficient use of relevant library materials in their study and research. In extension, it undertakes the information dissemination program through networking of libraries –sharing and disseminating information through book lending to other libraries, the promotion of scientific research to various kinds of clienteles i.e., researchers, teachers, students, administrators, farmers and general users. Finally, in production, it produces abstracts and other periodical tools and provides photocopying services for student user’s need in developing their research.


To acquire, organize, develop, maintain and make accessible sources of information for their effective and efficient use in an environment that is conducive to the learner’s quest for academic excellence.


1. To support the instructional, research, extension and production programs of the University by providing adequate and up-to-date library resources for use in the intellectual development, research community and production work of the students, faculty and administration;

2.  To educate the students and faculty on the effective and efficient use of the library and its materials; and,

3.  To network with other libraries and information agencies in the country for the enrichment of the university’s library resources.