Gaggle To Google Transition

Starting the week of July 6th, CMS Students and Employees will no longer have access to Gaggle services.  
All student accounts will be renamed and their access to Google Apps for Education will continue. 
Employees that use Gaggle for access to Gaggle email or Google Drive will need to do the following.

CMS Employees that Use Gaggle Account for Gaggle

Total CMS Employees Potentially Affected: 867

They should remove email rule that redirects email to

In June 2015, teachers and students will no longer be able to check email through  Any teacher that has set email to go to their accounts will need to remove all routing rules in their CMS email system.  The following 40 second screencast shows how to do this.

Remove Send to Gaggle Rule.avi

CMS Employees that Use Gaggle Account to access Google Drive

Total CMS Employees Affected: 498

They should transfer Google Drive file ownership from to their account.

Transfer Google Drive File Ownsership