ITW Bracket Challenge

Welcome to the ITW Bracket Challenge Page!

This is March Madness, ITW Style

March is that special time of year where we fill out our NCAA tournament brackets to predict who will be college basketball's national champion. Well, ITW has created our own bracket. We have replaced the college basketball teams with your favorite tools, devices and apps and this year we are asking YOU fill out your own bracket. Compete against other CMS employees for a FREE trip to the 2016 NCTIES Conference.  

If your interested in participating, you have until March 1 to complete this form. Make sure to checkout ITW - 2015 Bracket Challenge episode for full details on how to participate. 

This site is your quick and easy access to up-to-date standings on the leaderboard and to review all participants brackets. 

The Instructional Technology Team wishes all of you the best of luck on this years ITW Bracket Challenge. 

Current Standing among the DNA and the Instructional Technology Team

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