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Welcome to week one of the Election exchange discussion board.  You should know what topic you are assigned to this week and you have until 5pm on Friday (8/29) of this week to add at least one comment on your topic.  The topics are all listed at the bottom of this page.  You are not restricted to only one comment however, and may choose to add more responses as the weeks progress.  Each week you will be assigned a new topic until you have completed all 8.  Please see the rubric below to make sure that your responses fit the criteria for exceptional responses.  Both Mr. Chavez and Ms. Schuster will be grading these after 5pm on Friday and before Monday so your responses will be graded in total at the end of the week using the rubric below.
Rubric: Discussion Board




Above Average




Below Average





Writes a critical analysis of source using clear reasoning and insightful inferences.  Interpretation is college-level work.  

Response generally reflects a critical, analytical understanding of the text but is uneven.  Analytical ability is higher level but could be developed further to reach college-level work.

Writing demonstrates basic analysis of the text but not critical past the surface.  Analysis is inconsistent and partially vague.

Response demonstrates awareness of topic but not critical.  Points made are vague and unsubstantiated.

No analysis present. 


Complete understanding of all parts of the topic.  Understanding is visible by multiple  references to the source.

Good understanding of the topic with 1 accurate reference to the source.

Surface understanding of the topic with no reference to source.

Very little understanding of the topic and no reference to the source.

Does not understand the topic or off topic.

Strength of Argument

Brings in outside sources or additional information to bolster the argument.  Respectful of all view points when agreeing with or refuting peer responses.  Uses appropriate terminology and reliable information.  Stays on topic all (100%) of the time. 

The information is accurate and clear.  Although the information is clear some assertions are not supported. Stays on topic most of the time (80-99%). 

The information is accurate but imprecise language can lead to some misinterpretation.  Stays on topic some of the time (60-79%)

The information is misleading and not entirely accurate.  May not be respectful of peer responses some of the time.  Stays on topic half of the time (50%).

Inaccurate information.  Student does not respect peer responses. Student is on topic less than 50% of the time.