Sujatha Sridhar
        B.E., M.Tech (Ph.d)
        Telecommunication Engineering.

        E-mail ID:
        Mobile No: +91-9741244822



9 years

Areas of Interest in Teaching

Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microcontroller,MSP430,Electronic instrumentation ,Microwave and Radar, Transmission lines and wave guide .Optical Communication Network, Optical Communication, Signals and System ,Embedded System, Wireless Communication, CMOS and VLSI design, Digital Switching and System.,Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing.

Areas of Interest in Research

Optical fiber communication,Wireless Communication


1. Mrs. Sujatha ,Mrs. Swaroopa,”Distributed Efficient Basec Protocol for Acoustic Sensor Networks” National Conference on Recent advances in E and C Engg
   18th may 2012.
2. Mrs. Sujatha ,Nimit sahdev,Atinchandel,Nayanmoni ,“A digitally wireless dimmable lighting system for two area LED lamps”NCCVS -13 KNSIT.
3. Mrs. Sujatha.S and Mrs.Yashwini”Designing of inset fed micro strip patch antenna for wireless application”NCRTEC-13, SJBIT.
4. Mrs.Sujatha “Design of Binary CSD Multiplier using ASIC Front end.” International Conference on"Communicationas, VLSI and Signal Processing". SIT Tumkur ,
    Feb- 20-22.
5. Mrs.Puspawathi, Mrs.Sujatha.S and P.Anita”Implementation of Binary Canonic Signed Digit Multiplier using Application Specific IC”Journal, IJERA, FEB-2013.
6. Mrs.Sujatha.S Mrs. Puspawathi and P.Anita MSP430 For Wireless Communication Using Bluetooth Technology, National conference 2013 ,MVJCE Bangalore.
7. Mrs.Sujatha.S” Implementation of Embedded Image Registration using FPGA” IJORT Jan-2013 Bangalore.
8. Mrs.Sujatha.S, Kishore.B,Nithish Mohan,Rakesh Reddy” Design and development of cryptographic algorithm using Dynamics hybridization” National conference                           2013,New horizon engg college ,Bangalore.

9. Mrs.Sujatha.S, and Subhasri patil ” Spectrum Sharing Between Cellular users and AD-HOC Device to Device using Multi hop Routes  National Conference on Broadband for Sustainable Development,R V College of Engineering 16-May-2014, Bangalore.

 10. Mrs. Sujatha , and Asha.R, A Study On Inter-Cell Subcarrier Collision Due To Random Aceess In Ofdm-Based Cognitive Radio Networks”NCCVS -14 KNSIT.

11. Mrs. Sujatha  and Subhasri patil An Efficient Spectrum Sharing Between Cellular Users and AD-HOC Device to Device Single Hop Users”NCCVS -14 KNSIT.

12 Mrs.Sujatha.S, and Asha.R A Performance Analysis Of Inter-Cell Subcarrier Collision Due To Random Access In Ofdm-Based Cognitive Radio Networks” IJERT June-2014 Bangalore.

13.S.Sujatha and P.Dananjayan, “Modified SLM with DCT for PAPR reduction in OFDM system with different subcarrier”, International Conference “Computational Systems in Engineering and Technology (ICCSET 2014) .

14 .S.Sujatha and P.Dananjayan, PAPR Reduction Techniques In OFDM Systems Using DCT And IDCT”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
30 June 2014 -- Vol. 64. No. 3 -- 2014