Electronics and Communication Engineering.
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Areas of Interest in Teaching

Basics of Electronics Engineering, Network Analysis, Logic design, Field theory, Linear integrated circuits, Advanced digital system design, information theory and coding, Antennas and wave propagation, Wireless networks, Advanced VLSI design, Control Systems, VHDL. Operations research.

Areas of Interest in Research

Wireless Sensor Networks.

 Articles Published in Reputed Journals:

1. Suganya S and Ramesh C, "SNR based Predictive Packet Scheduling in LTE with Varied CQI,"in Indian Journal of Science and Technology., Vol 9, pp. 47-51, Dec 2016.

2. Suganya S and Ramesh C, "CQI Classification Based Method to Improve Throughput in Wireless LTE Systems,"in International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking., Vol.10,no. 11 pp. 1-10, Sep 2017.

     International Conferences/ Publications:  
Suganya.S, Dr.Ramesh,  “Throughput Optimization of Coexistent LTE-U and WiFi in Next Generation    Networks,”  12th  IndiaCom, India 12-14 March  2018 

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