Shilpa Mangesh Pande
                B.E. ,M.E, (PhD)
                Associate professor
Areas of Interest:
Web Programming,Cloud Computing, Big Data


"Security Threats in wireless sensor networks and proposed solutions", International conference on advance computing and information technology
"Overview of wireless sensor networks with comprehensive study on Routing protocol",National conference on artificial Intelligence
"Open source based frame work for hybrid model of testing",National conference on Artificial Intelligence & Software Engineering

Events Attended

Workshop on “Image Processing”, CMRIT, Bangalore
a workshop on “Rational Software Architect”, CMRIT, Bangalore
FDP on File Structures Lab” HKBK, Bangalore
Participated in Deep Dive Faculty Enablement Program at Infosys, Bangalore.
Training program “Programming in Linux”
FDP on Big Data Analytics,CMRIT,Bangalore
FDP on Machine learning,CMRIT,Bangalore
Workshop on IoT,CMRIT,Bangalore