Head - COE-Additive Manufacturing,
       Department of Mechanical  Engineering.
       E-mail ID: sagar.mb@cmrit.ac.in
       Mobile No: +91-8494855557 

  1. Participated in faculty Development Program FEM & PRACTICAL STRESS ANALYSIS 2010 conducted at Visvesvaraya Technological University, ”Jnana Sangama” Belgaum-590018.
  2. Participated in workshop on Building & Flying MICRO AIR VEHICLES conducted at Jain University, Bangalore in September 2010
  3. Participated in faculty Development Program FEM & PRACTICAL STRESS ANALYSIS 2012 conducted at CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  4. Participated in workshop on " Advanced Welding Technology" organised by the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering held on 24th-April-2015 at Vijay Vittal Institute of Technology, Bangalore. 
  1. Conducted Two days workshop on "ROBOTICS (Bluebotz)" by the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering on 6th & 7th at CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
  2. Conducted 10 Days workshop on “3D Printing”  for all department at CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore     
  1. Have assisted 3 day workshop on CAD and Rapid Prototyping conducted jointly at RMCET, Devdurg and VTU, Belgaum in August 2010.
  2. Participated as co-resource person in workshop on Building & Flying MICRO AIR VEHICLES conducted at REVA Institute of Technology Bangalore in October 2010. 
  1. Title of the book "ELEMENTS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING" for I/II sem B.E. VTU-2014(scheme). ISBN: 978-93-85155-67-3.
  2. Title of the Book " MANUFACTURING PROCESS I" for III sem B.E Mechanical VTU-2010 (Scheme). ISBN-978-93-85155-68.
  3. Title of the book " Machine Tools & Operations" for IV SEM B.E Mechanical VTU-2017 (CBCS-Scheme)   
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  1.     Presented paper at International Conference on Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, Management and Thermal Science [AMMMT – 2010], on “USE OF 3D-SCANNING AND REVERSE ENGINEERING BY MANUFACTURING OF INDUSTRIAL CAMPONENT USING RAPID PROTOTYPING” conducted at Siddaganga Institute of Technology
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  1.     Presented paper at National Conference on Mechanical Engineering Trends COMET-2010 on “TOOLS AND STRATEGIES IN COLLABORATIVE MANUFACTURING” conducted at BALLARI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT.