Narendra N
        B.E., M.Tech, (Ph.D)
        Mechanical Engineering. 
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        Mobile No: +91-9611042666
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  •  I Year  teaching experience in MVJ College of engineering, Bangalore.
  •  I Year  industry experience in Infotech Enterprises as design engineer.
  • Currently working in CMR institute of technology, Bangalore as a assistant professor form 31-07-2012 to till date. 

Areas of Interest in Teaching

  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering 
  • Basic Thermodynamics
  • Applied Thermodynamics
  • Turbo Machinery
  • Heat and Mass Transfer 
  • Energy Engineering 
  • Finite Element Methods ( Thermal engineering )
  • Advanced Heat Transfer  
  • Advanced Power Plant Engineering
  • Internal Combustion Engines 
  • Thermal power Station -  I 
  • Non conventional Energy sources
  • Steam and Gas Turbines
  • Biomass and Energy Systems         

Areas of Interest in Research

  • Biomass and Energy Systems
  • Internal Combustion Engines

  • Published a paper at International journal of Research in Engineering and Technology on "SAND CASTING: CONVENTIONAL AND RAPID PROTOTYPING MANUFACTURING APPROACHES"  eISSN: 2319-1163 | pISSN: 2321-7308. Volume: 03 Special Issue: 234-238. 11 | NCAMESHE - 2014 | Jun-2014
  • published a paper at open journal of Mechanical Engineering on " Development of Economic Tension & Torsion Testing Machine for Wires". 
    ISSN: 2329-8235; eISSN: 2329-8243
    Vol. 2, No. 1 (2014), 24-30. 
  • International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology on “Design & Development of Bi-Plane MAV" Vol. 2, Issue 8, August 2015. ISSN 2393-8021. eISSN 2394-1588. Impact factor 1.91.
  • ISSN: 2329-8235; eISSN: 2329-8243. Vol. 2, No. 1 (2014), 24-30. Impact factor 1.98Published a paper at open journal of Mechanical Engineering on “Bio-Inspired Bi-Plane Flapping Wing MAV”Open Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 3(1), 33-37, 2015. ISSN: 2329-8235, eISSN: 2329-8243. DOI:10.7508/ojme.2015.01.006. Impact factor 1.98.



  • Presented paper at National Conference on Mechanical Engineering Trends COMET-2010 on “TOOLS AND STRATEGIES IN COLLABORATIVE MANUFACTURING” conducted at BALLARI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT. 

  • Presented paper at International Conference on Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, Management and Thermal Science [AMMMT – 2010], on USE OF 3D-SCANNING AND REVERSE ENGINEERING BY MANUFACTURING OF INDUSTRIAL CAMPONENT USING RAPID PROTOTYPING” conducted at Siddaganga Institute of Technology

  •   Presented paper at National conference on Advancements in Mechanical, Environment, Safety and Health Engineering (AMESHE – 2014), on " SAND CASTING: CONVENTIONAL AND RAPID PROTOTYPING MANUFACTURING APPROACHES" conducted at knowledge Institute of Technology, SAELM, Tamil Nadu.

  • Presented paper at International Conference on Materials and Manufacturing Technology [ICMMT – 2015], on “Investigations on improving the biogas production rate and methane content by the use of additives” conducted at at ViJaya Vittala Institute of Technology Bangalore.