Mrinal Jyoti Sarma
        B.Tech, M.E.
        Electronics and Communication Engineering
        E-mail ID:
        Mobile No: +91-9650360883

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Areas of Interest in Teaching

Analog Electronics,Control System, Electronics Devices & Circuits, Network Theory

Areas of Interest in Research

Power syste

Publications                     v  “Data acquisition and monitoring of EMG (electromyogram) signals”, published in ELK Asia Pacific Journals, ISBN no- 978-81-930411-4-7


v  “Interfacing of surface electromyogram (EMG) signals to drive an actuator”, in International Conference on Computing, Communication, Electrical, Electronics, Devices and Signal Processing (CCEEDS 2015).


v  “Statistical analysis of path length in optical networks”, in “6th International Conference on Innovation in Electronics and Communication Engineering” (ICIECE-2017), ISBN no: 978-93-85101-74-8


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