Mrs Geetha S
         B.Tech , M.Tech ,(PhD )
         Information Science and  Engineering.
         E-mail ID:
         Mobile No: +91-9980416192

Areas of Interest in Teaching

Data warehouse and data mining , Wireless Sensor Networks.

Areas of Interest in Research

Wireless Sensor Networks,Sensor cloud.


Journals  :

  1.  S.Geetha , "A survey of the applications related with Cluster Analysis", International Journal of Computer Information Systems ,2014
  2.  S.Geetha , " Data-Collection using Clustering Approach in Wireless Sensor Network Design based on Heuristic Algorithms", AJER ,2015
  3.  S.Geetha , "A Secure User Mutual Authentication Of Sensed Data And Storing It In Cloud ",KY PUBLICATIONS ,2016
  4.  S.Geetha,"Enhanced Energy in Sensors by Avoiding Voids and Saving Sensitive Data on Cloud Using B+ Tree Index with Retrieval of Query Predicates",Mobile wireless networks and applications,Springer,2019.Impact factor 2.047

Conferences : 

  1. S.Geetha, “Impacts of Cluster analysis Correlated with the Applications on Wireless Sensor Networks, National Conference at CMRIT, 2014.
  2. S.Geetha, “ Optimization of energy in Wireless Sensor Networks , National Conference at CITY college, 2015.
  3. S.Geetha, Dynamic election of Cluster head and proactive mechanism for eliminating Sensors,   IEEE International Conference at BMS, 2015.                        
  4. S.Geetha, “A Comprehensive Study on Voids: How to Tackle Void Sensor towards Energy Saving" ,  National Conference (NCCOCE’16) , Christ University,  2016.
  5. S.Geetha, “ An Enhanced Security Levels at the Boundary of Wireless Sensor Network by Addressing the Voids ,National Conference at Kalasalingam University,2016.
  6. S.Geetha ," A pioneering Approach for Boundary relay void sensor replacement using dynamic sensor mobile node" ,IEEE International conference at GSSS             Mysuru,2016.

Events Attended

1. S.Geetha, “NETWORK SIMULATOR - 2 WORKSHOP” at CMRIT, 2014. 
2. S.Geetha, “New Computer Architecture ” at IISC, 2015. 
3. S.Geetha, “ Plagiarism “,VTU Regional Office, Bengaluru,2016
4. S.Geetha, “ Women Empowerment workshop , VTU Regional Office, Bengaluru ,2016
5. S.Geetha, “ LaTEX workshop ,CMRIT ,2016