Dr. S.S. Hegde      
        M.Sc., Ph.D
        Associate Professor
        Dept. of Physics

        Mobile: +91-9035327152
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 Teaching experience: 20 years

 Research experience:  5 years

 Areas of Interest in Teaching

Modern Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Optical fibers, Lasers and applications, Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, Alternate energy sources, Semiconductor nanomaterials

 Research interest

Area of research interest includes thin film of semiconductors, photo voltaic materials, crystal growth and characterization, solar cells,

Synthesis of nano materials and characterization, Chalcogenide glasses etc.


 1.      S.S. Hegde, A.G. Kunjomana, K.A. Chandrasekharan, K. Ramesh, M. Prashantha, “Optical and electrical properties of SnS semiconductor crystals grown by                physical vapor deposition technique”, Physica B 406 (2011) 1143–1148.      Citation (24)

 2.   S.S. Hegde, A.G. Kunjomana, M. Prashantha and  K. Ramesh, Photovoltaic structures using thermally evaporated SnS and CdS thin filmsThin Solid Films, 545 .                   (2013) Pp. 543-547   Citation (8)

  3.  S.S. Hegde, A.G. Kunjomana, K. Ramesh, K.A. Chandrasekharan, M. Prashantha,  Preparation and Characterization of SnS Thin Films for Solar Cell Application ”,   
Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE), Volume -1, Issue-NCRAMT (2011) 38–40.          Citation (5)

 4. S.S. Hegde, A.G. Kunjomana, K.A. Chandrasekharan, M. Prashantha, C. Kumar,  Structural and Mechanical    properties of SnS single crystals”,  Advanced Materials and              its  Applications, MacMillan Publishers, New Delhi (2011),   pp. 1025-1032.   ISBN CORP-000187 

  5.  S.S. Hegde, A.G. Kunjomana and K. Ramesh  Microhardness Studies of Vapour Grown Tin (II) Sulfide Single Crystals” AIP Conference Proceedings 1665, 100010                        (2015); doi: 10.1063/1.4918038

6.S.S. Hegde,  A.G. Kunjomana, P. Murahari, B.K. Prasad, K. Ramesh, Vacuum annealed tin sulfide (SnS) thin films for solar cell applications, Surfaces and Interfaces Volume 10, March 2018, Pages 78–84


  Papers in conference proceedings:

 1.  International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Renewable Energy, held at Centre for International Affairs, Anna University Chennai, August 18-21, 2010.

 2.  National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Technology and Applications, held at Shirdi Sai Engineering College, Bangalore, 12-13 November 2010.

 3.  International Conference on Advanced Materials and its Applications, Kalasalingam University, March 4-5, 2011.

 4.  National Conference on recent advances in materials & technology (NCRAMT-2011), School of Applied Sciences (SAS), Haldia Institute of Technology (HIT),
     Haldia, West Bengal, 24 - 26th June,  2011.

National Conference on Recent advances in Material Science, M. S. Ramaiah institute of technology, 12-14 December, 2011

 6. National Conference on
Scope of Advanced Materials in Energy and Environment, CMR Institute of technology,  7th, 8th August 2013


Seminars / Conferences / workshop attended:

  1. National seminar on “Current Trends in Physics” held at R.V. College of engineering, Bangalore from 29 to 30th April, 2008.
  2. National workshop on “Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Nano materials “held at M.G. University, Kottayam from 12 to 14th January 2010.

  3. Workshop on “Recent Trends in Crystal growth” organized by crystal growth centre, Anna University, Chennai, on 30th March 2010

  4. FDP organized by Indian Heritage Academy (IHA), Bangalore, from 29 to 30th January 2010
Delivered a talk on " Nanotechnology for next generation solar cell" during two day work shop organized by dept. of chemistry, CMRIT , 7-8 January, 2015.
  6. One day symposium on " Recent Trends in Advanced Materials" CMR Institute of Technology, 23rd January 2015.
  7. Two days workshop on "Modelling and Simulation of Multiscale Systems", CMR Institute of Technology, 9-10 July 2015. 

  Research Projects:

 1. Project title:  Fabrication of Low-Cost Solar Cells using SnS Thin Film                     

Completed Technology Related Innovative Projects (TRIP)

 Sanctioning Authority: Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST)

  Department of IT, BT and  Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore                       

 Amount sanctioned: Rs. 40,000/-                                                                                             

2. Infra Red System: A Smart Solution to Curb Noise Pollution in Traffic

 Secured 1st place in project exhibition "IDEA CONCLAVE for BETTER BENGALURU " organized by Christ University and SFD.

 VIKAS: Dept of Electrical and Electronics  Engineering, CMRIT   SALONI SARKARDept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, CMRIT  

   Internal Guide – Dr. ShamSundar Hegde    Dept. of Physics, CMRIT

Invited talks

Delivered a talk on "Nanotechnology for next generation solar cell" during two day work shop organized by dept. of chemistry, CMRIT (7-8 January, 2015)